Central Regional Chairman of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Bernard Allotey Jacobs, has warned embattled businessman Alfred Agbesi Woyome and his ‘goons’ to desist from threatening him or face his wrath.

According to him, he’ll deal ruthless with them in the coming days if they should continue threatening his life with text messages.


Mr Allotey Jacobs claims he’s been receiving death threats in the past one week after he asked Mr Woyome to stop wasting everybody’s time and pay pack to the state the GHC 51.2 million judgment debt wrongfully paid to him, after the businessman sought the intervention of the African Court for Human and Peoples Rights to stay his case which is currently before Ghana’s Supreme Court.

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Contributing to a discussion on the Woyome case on radio last week Wednesday, Allotey Jacobs emphasized that from all indications, Alfred Woyome appears to have squandered the GHC51.2 million judgment debt cash.

He challenged Woyome to be bold and drop the names of all individuals who benefited from the sharing of the fraudulent cash.

If he has squandered the monies, he must pay up, as simple as ABC. He should also name the persons he shared the money with if he disbursed same,” Allotey Jacobs fumed.

Speaking on Peace FM Wednesday, Allotey Jacobs revealed that his innocuous comment has left him coming under a barrage of attacks from even his fellow NDC party executives.

“NDC executives from Volta Region have been calling me since I spoke on the Woyome matter here last week, as if this Woyome’s issue is the Volta Region against Central Region, how can we behave like this? Look, there’s integrity in politics, people should understand this. Because Woyome’s issue happened during the NDC regime, some think all NDC members must defend him at all cost, NDC is not a criminal party. Those in the NDC whom Woyome funded can go to his defence. I know I belong to a party which will not harbour criminals. When Rawlings speaks about Woyome and NDC supporters go attacking him, then I become troubled. Why should people defend illegality?

“Woyome must be very careful, you don’t threaten me. Either him or his goons should dare not. As for me, so far as God is my shield and the sword, I don’t fear any human being. I’ll fear only God. These threatening messages is nothing to scare me, Woyome must be very careful I repeat, I don’t speak much.”


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