Lerato Kganyago and other celebrities have expressed their worry over what they’ve called the “lack of action and concern” from Emtee’s team after video footage of the musician appearing to ‘collapse’ on stage over the weekend went viral.

The presenter, who’s spoken to Emtee before about his drinking “soda” tendencies, said she was worried that his team is not protecting him as they should.



Replying to some of Emtee’s fans on her timeline, Lerato said that an artist’s management should be like their second family and help care for them.

“I’m more worried about his management team letting him go on stage in that state.”

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She said they are hired to ensure that the artist is okay, which Emtee’s team was failing to do in her opinion.

“That’s really sad if that’s the case. Your management team should be your second family, their first priority is to protect you, all the time! But hey…”

Many tweeps expressed their concern over Emtee’s well being saying that the artist has been dropping hints about his health.

One tweep even re-posted a screengrab of Emtee’s previous tweet when he said he was not doing well.

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