The Management of Jackson College of Education would like to disassociate itself from the unwarranted behaviour put up at the GES headquarters by some young people believed to be its past students.

We are appalled by their utterances and constant attack on the government and the Ghana Education Service.


Recently, the Ghana Education Service posted the current Batch of our graduates (2015/2016year group).

This is the first time, since the establishment of the College, the GES is posting graduates of our college to teach in the basic schools of Ghana. Given the backlog of graduates completed over the years, the GES could not post our students who completed their training before 2015/16 academic year.

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It must be noted that we are working tirelessly to ensure that the GES offers our graduates employment, even though there is no contractual agreement between our institution and the students to facilitate their employment after completion of the College.

All attempts to get the aggrieved graduates appreciate how challenging it is to get all of them posted at the same time has been fruitless; hence, they have resolved to, unfortunately, peddle falsehood and mischief.

We therefore find it strange to hear some past students accuse government of deception and discrimination.

The College will continue to be impervious to their threats and unfounded allegations.We will strongly focus on the training of professional teachers for especially, the rural communities.

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Management would however, continue to offer the necessary support to our past students should they fall on us any time.


452 students graduate from Pentecost University College

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