An active member of the Ghana Registered Nurses and Midwives Association Adu Fokuo Douglas has taken to social media to express his views on the recent ‘high’ increase in both GRNMA dues and building levy.

He writes:



Breaking my silence…

Setting the record straight…
GRNMA dues and building levy deductions increment…

I applaud all delegates who were at the just ended GRNMA National Delegates Conference for agreeing to
many good motions like :

Expansion of the electoral college to 20 and 30 for ordinary conference and election conference respectively, with attached clause that all regional GRNMA executives SHALL be part of the delegates

Age limit, any membe at the age of 57 an beyond cannot contest for GRNMA election

Unopposed candidates shall have 50% plus 1 of the delegates present

Increment in members retirement benefit

Establishment of Health fund for nurses and midwives who are GRNMA members

And few others.

The GRNMA National Delegates Conference did not agree to the increment in :
membership dues from 1.5 to 2%
building levy from 10 to 20 cedis

Although my name was removed from the delegates list by my Regional Chairperson and Secretary,
with the reason that I should take care of the regional GRNMA Secretariat.

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My attempt to ensure the right thing is done led me to appear before the GRNMA National Disciplinary Committee, with so many allegations.
At the moment, I am still waiting for the findings. The reason for my muteness.
It is a fact that GRNMA politics is more dangerous and serious than NPP and NDC politics In Ghana.

Indeed, the grassroot members and some national council members supported me financially to attend the conference as “AN OBSERVER”.

My Observations :
These are not just observations but facts…

Any proposed motion that requires amendment of GRNMA constitution shall be supported by two thirds of the delegates present at the meeting
The total delegates present at the meeting was 105. Hence (2/3)* 105 = 70 delegates/votes
2 national executives were not there
2 regional delegates are also not there
Request for proxy voting was rejected by the house

The voting pattern is stated as below :

Upper East – 5
Northern Region – 0
Upper West – 0
Volta Region – 2
Ashanti – 6
Western Region – 8
Central Region – 9
Brong Ahafo region – 10
Eastern Region – 10
Greater Accra Region – 10 (there was over-voting, because Greater Accra delegates were only 9 but 10 was counted in favour)
National Executives – 7

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Adding the above YES votes = 67
Total delegates present = 105
Two thirds of 105= 70

Requirement for approval of motion that does not require amendment of GRNMA constitution is “BY SIMPLE MAJORITY”. Hence the increment in nurses fund from 20 to 50 cedis was constitutionally agreed and it is valid.

Requirement for approval of motions that require amendment of GRNMA constitution is by “TWO THIRDS OF THE DELEGATES PRESENT AT THE MEETING”. Hence the National delegates Conference did not agree to increment in membership dues from 1.5% to 2% and did not agree to increment in building levy from 10 to 20 cedis,
therefore this increment should not be implemented. The decision is invalid.

I hereby advice all aggrieved nurses and midwives nationwide to remain calm and handle the matter in-house.
Your reaction has indeed motivated and inspired me. This shows that Nurses Midwives have much interest in the happenings of day to day activities of the Ghana Registered Nurses and Midwives Association (GRNMA). Let’s do our best to criticize without personal attacks or insults. I plead. Without critics there is no development.
I believe in critics. I do not need praises, but I need critics from people who gave me their sovereignty to lead. Shape me to be good leader.
The grassroots reaction to this increment is like the reaction to toll levy, and the government reverted the toll levy. Nothing stops GRNMA from doing same.

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I have written an official petition and it will be submitted soon.
I plead you all remain calm for there is HOPE FOR THE FUTURE GRNMA.

God bless nurses and midwives
God bless GRNMA

GRNMA, unity is strength

#Kofi Ghana.

Adu-Fokuo Douglas

Adu Fokuo Douglas


Meanwhile a group calling it self Coalition of Concerned Nurses and Midwives (CCNM) wants the the Ghana Registered Nurses and Midwives Association (GRNMA) to immediately suspend the increase in their dues by 33.3 per cent, and a review of a 100 per cent increase in building levy, else face a mass resignation of its members.

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