It’s no doubt that, Sarkodie is one of the finest musicians Ghana can boast of and he knows that and always uses every opportunity he gets to remind us of that when he raps, especially when featured on songs of other musicians—He enjoys being the ‘Highest’ and wouldn’t want to share that space with anyone, not even the dancehall artiste Shatta Wale.

Some 2 days ago, he dropped a song titled ‘My Advice’ which was a direct diss song to Shatta Wale and it has been applauded by several other rappers and celebrities as once again, he proved why he’s the best Ghanaian rapper and also why he’s got that global recognition.


We’ve been listening to the song over and over again and we noticed how Sarkodie subtly ‘disgraced’ other musicians on his song ‘My Advice’ in his attempt to diss Shatta Wale and also remind everyone that he’s ‘untouchable’

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Truth is, Sarkodie is a smart musician, so we are certain, the other musicians didn’t even pay attention to that part of the lyrics in his song, or perhaps they’ve come to terms that, Sarkodie holds the key to the music industry.

In ‘My Advice’ Sarkodie worried about who he could trust to ‘control the keys’ if death decides to lay it’s cold hands on him. There’s always been a debate about who’s the biggest musician in Ghana and each time, either Sarkodie, Shatta Wale or Stonebwoy’s name comes up in such debates.

It’s however shocking that Sarkodie admitted that Shatta Wale is the biggest musician after him, a reason why he used that line in the song and also to ask, who else he could trust to ‘control the keys’?

Sesea s3 mi wua, agro wor wu ani sue who can I trust to control the keys

Until I die Nyankupon ma mi time na mi change industry yi daddy please

Enye saa my soul no go rest in peace

That line in the song, clearly proves that Sarkodie only sees Shatta Wale as the next person who would be able to take Ghana Music to the World, if he’s not here with us. He goes on to pray to God to give him long life, so he can change the industry (He means to rule as King of the music industry).

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Yes, if the ‘keys to the music industry’ could be handed over literally, Sarkodie would have handed it over to Shatta Wale if death was to snatch him away if not for the fact that, Shatta behaves childishly at times.

Sarkodie literally just told all other musicians that, they have not put in enough efforts or hard work to be his next of kin (like the one to inherit the music key) and for me, that’s a major shade to all of them.

Yeah, it’s a major shade to Stonebwoy, Mugeez, Kwaw Kese, Manifest, EL, Edem, Efya—-All of them, I mean every A-list artiste you can’t think of.

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Listen to the song again below and SHARE your thoughts on it with me, if you have a different interpretation, I would want to know.

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