5 Steps to Massage of Her Dreams



A sexual massage for her before is the key to excellent sex after. It is something that can make your dating experience unforgettable. You probably know this axiom. How many men fell for this bait! After all, it seems to us that massage is a simple set of simple and understandable passes by hands – here it pinches, there it pulled – and it’s ready! Such a belief is self-deception and a direct road to failure. Read our article to find out how to give a massage and show her that you are a sexual wizard, but not a guy who uses medieval torture instruments instead of hands.


Warm up


A gentle and sensual massage for her is an excellent start to luxurious sex. One of the options for such an aperitif is the perfect mastery of the art of massage.


But this requires working on your skills of touch and impact. You must put the girl lying in front of you, warm up and prepare for the main event of the evening. Combining massage secrets in your sexual life, you refresh it and make sex more exciting for yourself and for your girlfriend. Here are five tips on how to give a good massage that will almost certainly lead to unforgettable sex.


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Luck accompanies the calm


It is better to control the rhythm and start with slow movements with your hands. “Use the palm base to make continuous smooth movements and work the entire length of the muscles,” advises a sports masseur who works with professional athletes in Britain and abroad. Give enough time to this stage and focus on the muscles. So your partner will get experience full of sensuality and passion.


From place to place


Begin with a massage along the entire length of the legs of the girl – from the upper part of the thighs to the ankles. Then concentrate on her feet. After that, fix on the big toes and knead them as carefully as possible. Try to feel the knots in the body to be able to neutralize these painful points, completely relaxing the girl. Work on each zone 2-3 minutes.


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Now go to the neck and upper part of the shoulders. Gently pinch (between the thumb and the rest of your fingers), squeeze and rub the skin of the girl. If she shudders, make the effort easier – the partner should be completely relaxed. Gradually, go down to the lower part of the back, making a gentle circular motion clockwise. Use the same massage techniques on her hands, but add effort to the base of the palm on large areas on both sides of the spine.


The final must be spectacular


Finish with your hands, massaging her lower back. By this point, the pain points will be lightened, and the muscles and body are completely relaxed. The whole process should ideally take about 45 minutes, which is enough to raise the sexual tension in the right way. By the time you get to the finish ribbon, your girlfriend will be warmed up and look forward to doing it.

The use of massage is obvious. Tactile contact strengthens communication and removes all kinds of stress – both physical and psychological. The main thing is not to disregard the reactions of the girl and not to bet on your skills, which you will not have until you have practiced properly. This is absolutely accurate. If a girl demonstrates that you are too zealous, listen to these reactions. These are the best recommendations for you.


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So how to give a good back massage? Just do not forget to use massage oils. Intense touch of dry hands to dry skin will not lead to anything good. The maximum that you achieve is a portion of indignation from your lover. You can use children’s massage oils or massage oils with the addition of aphrodisiacs to achieve a greater sexual effect. Give preference to soft, relaxing scents.