11,000 NDC Members Snub Party Polls

Kwame Zu



Kwame Zu

IT HAS emerged that several National Democratic Congress (NDC) delegates in the Ashanti Region refused to vote during the party’s presidential polls on Saturday.

Reports emanating from the corridors of the largest opposition political party indicated that about 11,000 delegates failed to cast their ballot in the region.

The huge absenteeism was said to have happened in virtually all the 47 constituencies in the Ashanti Region, which is the largest in the country.

The delegates are alleged to be angry about the appalling manner the party is being managed in the region, for which reason they refused to vote.

According to other pieces of information making rounds, the NDC in the Ashanti Region is yet to fully recover from the embarrassing defeat it suffered during the 2016 election.

Because of that, most of the party’s members, including even ardent members, have not been active in the activities of the party for the past two years.

Also, reports indicated that most of the NDC members don’t have hope that their party can win the 2020 elections, hence their decision to stay away from the polls.

Asked about what led to the huge absenteeism, Kwame Zu, the Ashanti Regional NDC Secretary, insisted that the party was still strong in the region.

Kwame Zu stated that the Ashanti Regional NDC polls were held in a peaceful atmosphere, adding that the patronage was also very good.


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